Security is powered by Titan Poker, which has grown into one of the leading poker rooms on the Internet by earning the trust and confidence of its members. takes pride in its connection to Titan Poker which takes numerous steps to ensure the security of its games.

  • Random number generators are used to ensure total game integrity
  • Players are provided with real-time on demand transaction and game histories from within the poker software
  • 128-bit SSL technology is used to secure and protect the privacy of our players
  • Statistical analysis tools combine with expert vigilance to provide the industry’s most effective shield against player collusion in the industry

These daily operations meet the highest standards on the Internet today and, in fact, help define them. This is how Titan Poker fills its rooms with satisfied players that just keep coming back.

In addition, Titan Poker employees and their relatives are not allowed to open a Player Account or otherwise enter and play on the Website. This includes any of Titan Poker’s related companies and third party agencies and their employees and relatives.


Titan Poker holds any and all information received from players in the strictest confidence. Player information will never be forwarded to any organization for commercial or any other gain, save that required by law. Feel free to read our privacy policy.

Actions against Colluders and Fraudulent Activity

Titan Poker is absolutely committed to keeping cheaters away from the site in an effort to ensure players’ full enjoyment of the game. Players can be reassured in the knowledge that their play is backed by fairness and total integrity. Titan Poker has a firm policy of dealing with any individual or group of individuals threatening or attempting to affect the game to the detriment of others, in the most determined and severe ways available. Any information gathered by Titan Poker about known cheats, colluders or others guilty of fraudulent activity is distributed to other on-line gaming sites and to regulators and government authorities in the jurisdictions of the player(s) involved, in appropriate cases. The victims of such activity, who are innocent players, will be treated with sympathetic concern. Titan Poker encourages any player who believes he or she has been cheated, to report the offender.